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Waynes research integrates approaches from literary studies, bibliography, and design, as well as information science and artificial intelligence. He is particularly interested in issues associated with cultural continuity and sustainability, especially the roles that innovation and entrepreneurship play in both. Currently, Wayne is Professor of Information Science and Entrepreneurship at Dominican University of California where he also directs the Françoise O. Lepage Center for Global Innovation. With Michael Buckland, he co-directs the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative and is Chair of the History and Foundations of Information Special Interest Group at the Association for Information Science and Technology. He also directs the Korea Text Initiative at the Cambridge Institute for the Study of Korea. Previously, he was an associate professor of Korean Studies in the School of Media, Arts, and Science at Sogang University in South Korea. A member of ISO JTC1/SC34 (Document Description and Processing Languages) as part of the Korean National Body from 2017 until 2023, Wayne is the first non-Korean expert to represent South Korea on an ISO committee. The author of a growing number of academic publications, including Cats, Carpenters, and Accountants: Bibliographical Foundations of Information (MIT Press, forthcoming spring 2024), Wayne holds several patents and has won significant awards in several fields, such as a Citation of Merit from the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for research on deep learning approaches to automated Korean text encoding. As founder and CEO of Tamal Vista Insights, he works to democratize access to artificial intelligence by enabling cultural institutions to create their own AI solutions for their own needs. Waynes degrees are in Economics, Korean literature, and East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Whitman College, Seoul National University, and Harvard University, respectively.

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