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Artificial Intelligence Authoring Tool Solutions. (Pending). Filed March 3, 2024. With Sanghun Kim. 

Image Text Search and Retrieval System. US Patent 9,483,694 B2. Filed January 26, 2014. With Sanghun Kim. 

L-sisŭt'em ŭl iyonghan si t'eksŭtŭ sikakhwa pangbŏp L 시스템을 이용한 시 텍스트 시각화 방법 (A method for visualizing poetic texts using L-systems). South Korean Patent 10-1543634. Filed October 24, 2013. With Jusub Kim.


Imaging Device. US Patent 9,083,839B2. Filed January 15, 2013. With John Young. 

Cats, Carpenters, and Accountants: Bibliographical Foundations of Information Science. MIT Press. Forthcoming, spring 2024.

Wŏbon “Chindallaekkot” sŏji yŏn’gu  원본 『진달내꽃』 『진달내』 서지연구 (A bibliographic study of the two issues of Azaleas [by Kim So-wŏl]). With Ŏm Tong-sŏp. Seoul: Somyŏng Ch’ulp’ansa, 2014. 


Jeongrye Choi. Instances: Selected Poems. Translated with Brenda Hillman and Jeongrye Choi. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2011.​

Books & Book-Length Translations

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Reviews, & Other Publications 

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“‘Tonggwang’ ŭi ŏnŏjŏk kŭndaesŏng: teit’ŏ kwahakjŏk punsŏk 『동광』의 언어적 근대성 분석: 데이터과학적 분석  (Donggwang and Korean linguistic modernity—A data scientific analysis).” Ŏnŏ wa munhwa 17, no. 3 (2021): 359–382. With Eunkyoung Jo.


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“1920-yŏndae Hansŏng Tosŏ inswaein No Ki-jŏng e taehayŏ 1920년대 한성도서 인쇄인 魯基禎에 대하여 (About No Ki-jŏng, the pressman at [the joint-stock company] Hansŏng Tosŏ in the 1920s).” Kŭndae sŏji 4 (2011): 432–438.


“1920-yŏndae Han’guk ŭi si nŭn ŏttŏke chop’an toeŏnnŭnga: yŏn’gu chinhaengsang ŭi kaeyo 1920년대 한국의 시는 어떻게 조판되었는가: 연구 진행상의 개요 (How poetry mattered in 1920s Korea: a synopsis of research in progress).” Kŭndae sŏji 1 (2010): 126–137. 


“Wheelchair,” “Maŭm,” “A Deep Short Breath,” and “Kŏrŭmma.” Hyŏndae Han’guksi 2 (2008): 174–183. Translations and short essays.


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 “The Bright Shadows of Kim So-wŏl’s Poetry.” Comparative Korean Studies 12, no. 2 (2004): 123–146.


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